Electronic Ordering


Electronic Ordering allows Optimus to receive your orders via electronic transfer. It has been created to allow you to implement your delivery mechanism with minimum effort and expense, We use FTP and multiple order formats. You can deliver your orders immediately without the need to FAX or call in orders, as well as receive quicker responses as to any problems (incorrect price, bad city/state/zip combination, etc.) contained in those orders. Receiving a quicker response, you are able to correct the problems and satisfy your inventory and customer needs in a more timely manner.
Technical Implementation
EOrders was created using MS .NET C# and MS SQL Server 2008. It processes your orders asynchronously upon delivery to Optimus. Orders can be submitted via the Internet, specifically FTP. Your orders can be in flat file or XML format. Reports are delivered to you via an email message and additionally available upon request via a webpage with secure login.
Prerequisites for Optimus and you, those using EOrders
Optimus will need to collect & share some information with you before you can use EOrders. These items will affect how EOrders works for you, as well as how your system will interact with EOrders.

  1. Optimus needs to know if you, or your internal order management program, consider a duplicate PO as an Error/Exception.
  2. Optimus needs you to know that you will be submitting Optimus item numbers.
  3. Optimus needs you to know all prices will be rounded off to 2 decimals.
  4. Optimus needs you to know that all EOrder reports will e-mail to the address you provide in the header of the order. We highly recommend that you use the e-mail address of the person who actually created the order. However, you may choose to utilize a public folder & have all EOrder reports sent to the e-mail address for the folder.
  5. Additionally you can receive acknowledgements in several other formats; .xml or .csv (either tab, pipe or comma delimited).
  6. Optimus needs to know if you want to receive all reports (success and failures) or just failure reports.
  7. Optimus needs to know if you wish to allow Optimus to auto backorder any shorts.

The information you will need is listed below:

  1. Login Credentials for file submission.
  2. An FTP location to submit your orders.
  3. The flat file specification or the XML schema. Both are available in the specification section below.

Troubleshooting Procedures
Should you have problems implementing or need help understanding your needs to utilize EOrders, please contact the I.T. person listed above in the contacts section with the following information and/or documents attached:

  1. Flat file or XML submitted.
  2. Date and Time of submission.
  3. Also, please forward the email report that you received along with the information listed above.