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Horizon Jet Internal and Impeller Tool

Item #: 12-999-1002
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MEMPHIS 16 0 16

Item# 12-999-1002
Kit Note:

The Jet Internal & Impeller Tool was developed to assist you in measuring the diameter of hard to measure parts.

Instructions for use can be found on the Tech Tips tab.

(Parts•ol•o•gy) noun
1. the skill of identifying the right part
2. spoken exclusively at Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc.

Partsology™ was developed by Horizon Spa & Pool Parts to assist you in identifying the right part, the first time. It is done by observing and measuring the attributes of the part.

General Instructions to Identify Parts using Partsology™
NOTE: You will only be able to identify parts using attributes if you are an active Horizon web customer.

  1. From the Home Page, click on "Shop All Parts" to go to the Full Index.
  2. Using the categories and sub-categories, find the category of the part you wish to identify.
  3. Using the attributes on the left filter the parts until you get to a manageable number.

IMPORTANT POINTS - When using attributes to search for a part, there are three important rules:

  1. Whenever possible, select the attributes in the order shown.
  2. When selecting dimensions, always use a "range" by selecting above and below the measured dimension. This will allow for differences due to the manufacturing process and wear and tear.
  3. Always confirm your selection by going to the part "Single Item Display" page. There you can verify the part using its photos and other information.

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