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COMPLETE SPA PUMP, XP2, 2-1/2 HP, 230V, 2-SPEED, 48Y, 2" SUCT x 2" DISCH

Item #: 5121-250
Interchange #: 061250001040 AQF 06125000-1040 AQF 34-402-5206 34-402-2428 HRZ 344022428 HRZ 06125000-1040 GEK 061250001040 06625792-2 066257922 GEK 344025206 HZN
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Item# 5121-250
Kit Note:Aqua-Flo by Gecko's original offering in this high performance spa line, the "XP2", offers high performance while utilizing the same space requirements as most other applications. Having a shut-off head of more than traditional 48 frame spa pumps, but less than 56 frame pool pumps, these unique pumps have been designed for today's large, heavily jetted spas requiring increased flow.

Spa Pump Features:
  • Fine tuned impeller that moves water through the system with maximum performance
  • 2" suction and discharge
  • 48 and 56 frame versions
  • Thermally protected to extend life expectancy of motor
  • Multiple drain locations
  • Continuous rated horsepower of 1.5hp, 2.0hp, 2.5hp and 3.0hp (SEE THE AVAILABLE STYLES TAB)

In 2012, the manufacturer changed the way Aquaflo pumps are rated. These pumps are now assigned both an operational horsepower (ohp), and a total horsepower (thp) rating. Previous versions of these pumps used only the operational horsepower. If you are replacing an older Aquaflo pump, be sure to match the operational hp rating rather than the total hp.

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